Vape Parts Explained: How Do Vapes Work?

There is a lot of information out there for those who plan to use vapes to quit smoking, and it can be overwhelming. The components of a vaporizer, albeit numerous, are easy to comprehend. This e-cigarette guide will explain the various pieces of a vaporizer and how they function.

An introduction to vapes: vape mods and vape pods are the two primary forms. As a whole, they share many similarities and distinctions. But the components are often interchangeable.

Pod, Tank, or Cartomizer?

The vape tank sits on top of the device and contains the e-juice that is converted to vapor by your device. Keep in mind that not all vape boxes come equipped with tanks. Rebuildable drip atomizers, or RDAs, are specifically designed for dripping liquids. Later on, we'll go over what an Atomizer is. The tank on the majority of atomizers is either magnetically fastened or twisted into place. Check our Innokin Store to find the best vape tank for you.


The drip tip is another name for a mouthpiece. 510 and 810 drip tips are the two most common varieties of drip tips for tanks. The 810 drip tip is 12.5mm in diameter, whereas the 510 drip tip is 8.5mm in diameter.

Some people may not care about the size of the drip tip, but for others, it might make a big difference. Using a 510 drip tip, for example, you can obtain a concentrated flavor hit because the airflow opening is considerably smaller than on a larger drip tip.

An 810 drip tip is far superior for those who enjoy blowing a lot of smoke. More vapor can be inhaled because the airflow is unrestricted by a bigger diameter.


Adjustable airflow is essential for a really personalized experience. Additionally, where you put your airflow nozzle might have an effect on how flavorful your vapes are. Most people prefer top airflow since it eliminates leaking, one of the most typical issues. On occasion, the atomizer's airflow might be found on its side.


You can't have a completely functional vape device without an atomizer. Vapor is generated by this component. In most cases, the atomizer is included in the tank.

When it comes to vaping, there are a few different types of atomizers to be aware of. The Innokin Blog has a wealth of information about various atomizers, and you can check it out for yourself.

Tank Atomizer that Can Be Rebuilt (RTA)

You can put your own coil in these tanks, as the name says. A popular among those who prefer to experiment with their e-liquids. Unlike an RDA, which uses a cartridge to hold the liquid, an RTA uses a tank.

A Drip Atomizer That Can Be Rebuilt (RDA)

Not all vapes have tanks, as previously indicated. Rebuildable drip atomizers, in which the juice is applied directly to the wick, are popular among vapers. Because you can regulate how much e-liquid gets into the wick, this is ideal for folks who want to chain vape. It also helps to prevent dry hits.

While some vapers like this approach, the vast majority opt for the ease of a tank.

A Refillable Atomizer.

In most cases, this atomizer is designed for a certain vaping device. To make coils for a smaller vape device, you can use this. Due to the fact that many individuals prefer vaping with a pen, this style of tank is rarely seen.


All e-cigarettes are powered by a battery. Larger vape mods, such as a box mod, include replaceable batteries, however smaller vape pods don't. Removable batteries are popular because they allow users to charge one while still using the other. Different e-cigarettes use different types of batteries, so you should pick one that best suits your needs. Those who are new to the world of e-cigarettes are more likely to use the pre-installed batteries that come with the device. More experienced vapers, on the other hand, are more likely to opt for devices with external batteries, which they may use to charge their devices while also extending their battery life.

External battery packs

The diameter and length of external batteries are used to identify them. An 18650 battery, for example, is the most prevalent. Its diameter is given by the number 18, and its length is given by the number 65. Batteries such as the 20700, 21700, and 26650 are also available. You should always check your vaporizer's specifications before purchasing a battery.

Batteries inside the body

As a general rule, the battery in vape pods can only be removed if you open the device. This type of battery works well in vape devices that you're just getting started with. A charging cord is required to recharge the device.

Vape mods with customizable controls necessitate display screens. The wattage, coil resistance, voltage, ampere, and sometimes even the puff count may be seen on the displays. Modes on other vaping devices include power, VPC (voltage and power conservation), temperature control (TC), battery level (BL), and bypass (bypass).

The Ohmmeter

When constructing your tank, the Ohm meter is a critical component. The current measurement of the atomizer coil will be shown on the Ohm meter. You may be able to track your wattage power more consistently if your gadget and puffing technique allows you to do so.


Using the various settings available on advanced vape products, you may personalize your vaping experience. The power mode and the temperature control mode are the most popular. It's important to keep in mind that various gadgets may provide different selections.

Setting the Thermostat

In order to prevent the device from overheating, modern vapes offer temperature control options. This is an excellent option for newbies who don't want to overheat their coil or battery. Your device will stop creating vapor once the temperature you set has crossed the threshold. If your vaporizer has this feature, you'll be able to change it.

Port for Charging a USB Device

Micro-USB and USB-C are the two most prevalent types of charging ports found on vaping devices. These are the identical chargers that Samsung and Google use to power their smartphones.

Button-Activated Devices

Almost all current vaporizers come equipped with button controls. The wattage must be controlled for rebuildable tanks in order to provide the desired vaping experience. The number of buttons on a vape device varies depending on the gadget's complexity. Power and mode switching are often accomplished with one or two buttons on vape pods. More specific modes can be accessed via touchscreen displays on other devices.

The Button That Starts the Fire

Whenever you wish to inhale, you need to press the "fire" button. When you inhale, certain devices don't require you to press a fire button. In pod mods, the firing button also serves as an on/off switch. It normally necessitates a series of presses. Alternatively, there can be a combination of buttons that prevent you from mistakenly pushing the buttons.


Most information about vape parts is self-explanatory and transparent. The user manual is there to explain the features to you, so make sure you read it first. Here's some information about vaping that may be helpful if you're trying to stop smoking or just have fun with it. Subscribe to our email if you're interested in learning more about e-cigarettes and vaping devices. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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